Airial Robotics, launches its first drone marking a step change in UAS capability

A member of the drone major supplier network, Airial Robotics, launches its first drone this week, marking a step change in UAS capability, according to a press release.

Gyrotrak GT20 combines the technical advantages of the helicopter and gyrocopter meaning it is long range, highly efficient and fully modular. The G20 is a product of systematic and intensive research, design and test work. It is also the starting point of a development road map that will lead to significantly higher payloads.

The Gyrotrak GT20 weighs only 7.5kg with a maximum take-off weight of 20kg making it a credible cargo and inspection platform. It can achieve flight times of up to 2.5 hours with a 4kg task load. GT20 can be equipped with all types of sensors making it suitable for surveillance and inspection, as well as logistics.

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