Deadline approaches to become a pioneering ARCH UAM CityLab

The deadline for the ARCH (Global network of UAM CityLabs) GLOBAL CHALLENGE For Trendsetting Cities is fast approaching. Cities have until February 28 to get in their applications to become an urban air mobility CityLab.

According to the organisers, the challenge allows cities to become the world’s first UAM CityLab with a UAM flight simulation hub for testing and evaluating scenarios in the field of Urban Air Mobility. It launched on the 10th of December 2020..

“The purpose of the ARCH UAM Global Challenge is to invite the world’s trendsetting cities to work together on the project ARCH (Global network of UAM CityLabs) and to offer their citizens the opportunity to explore and experience urban flying, by winning the challenge and receiving their own Flight simulation Hub,” say the organisers. “It includes the UAM flight demonstrator and a digital twin of their city. The ARCH UAM flight simulator is a full-size cabin with UAM flight simulator inside. It has all the functionalities of a flying VTOL, without the need to leave the ground. It helps the citizens discover how flying in the future will look like – today. It also supports everything from route optimization, testing the fear of flying and overall comfort, noise levels, and the impact of sustainable flying in the urban areas.”

“Using this technology represents importance for Urban planners, as it allows them to face and fully understand users’ experience, enabling them to offer their cities seamless, connected, integrated multimodality in sustainable environments.

Another opportunity arises for the Master creators of traffic-plans as well, as it helps them move a large mass of people and cargo in megacities from one point to another much faster and smoother.”

Timeline of the challenge

The Jury of the Challenge will consist of:

  • Dr. Vassilis Agouridas, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and AIRBUS UAM, with focus on Cities, Policymaking and Legislation,

  • Daniel Avdagic, AV Living Lab, member of the Ljubljana’s City Council, with focus on User Centric Design and Multimodality, Interoperability, and MaaS development,

  • Neri Friedlander, Daimler AG with focus on Investments, Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Ecosystems,

  • Andrea Linder, Marketing Manager at Digital Motors Corporation with focus on Marketing, Market Research & Segmentation, Customer Behavior and Public Acceptance

  • Jennifer Raffin, Italdesign, with a focus on City Strategies and Visions,

  • Luka Velepic, the President of Slovenian-Arab Business Council, with focus on operations, staffing, legal, finance, and project management.

  • Matej Vengust, Nervtech, with focus on Simulations, Digital Twins, data analysis and interpretation for implementation,

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