Drones for Good: French ski resort deploys thermal drones to assist rescue workers

The French Alps ski resort, Val Thorens, has commenced using drones and their thermal imagery application to help rescue workers on the Alpine ski slopes, reports technology.inquirer.net. The resort announced this week, it will commence deploying thermal drones for the first time to assist patrol its large skiing area.

These drones will be used for various purposes including: Analysing ski and snow conditions throughout the season by employing the craft’s powerful digital zoom camera; to provide safety instructions to skiers on the slopes via a loudspeaker; as well as to warn them of dangers like an impending avalanche.

And ‘if’ an avalanche does occur and affect skiers, then the thermal cameras can locate bodies trapped many feet below the snow surface while communicating with the rescue workers on the ground, therefore speeding up the recovery procedure.

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(News Source: https://technology.inquirer.net)

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