DroneSec and DroneALERT partner on threat intelligence sharing and incident case management

“Many of our customers use the DroneSec Notify platform to stay aware of the threats around them or cross-reference the data with their counter-drone products. Now, our clients will be able to log their own reports to a framework that can work hand-in-hand with ours, offering a variety of insights and opportunities we did not have previously. DroneALERT has the industry’s most well-known first-responder reporting tool, it follows INTERPOL guidelines and gives us the near real-time reports we need to match with other indicators.” said Mike Monnik, Chief Technology Officer, DroneSec.

The DroneSec Notify platform tracks and monitors drone incidents, threat actors and trends around the world for Ports, Prisons, Law Enforcement and Counter-Drone vendors. With a large database of incident types and characteristics, organisations around the world can measure the threat and configure their systems to match real adversary equipment and techniques. This partnership will keep the focus on defeating rogue, malicious threats whilst allowing the innovation of hobbyist and commercial drones to thrive.

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