Education: Indian Institute of Drones sets-up multi-rotor drone engineering course

With the increasing interest in both drone solutions and services, the Indian Institute of Drones (IID) has set-up a new training program called the Multi-Rotor Drone Engineering Course, reports Students are now seeking new forms of engineering education that focus on emerging and rapidly advancing technologies. This new Multi-Rotor Drone Engineering Course ticks all the boxes.

With a wide array of topics from Drone Terminology & Types, Assembly of a Multi-Rotor, Introduction to Ground Control Station to Use of Artificial intelligence in Drones, the course provides the student with a thorough understanding of the engineering behind a Multi-Rotor Drone.

The pupil will gain hands-on experience on Multi-Rotor Assembly, get trained by expert instructors, learn how to troubleshoot technical problems, and learn emergency procedures while gaining in-depth information on the general drone market. This particular engineering course will help enhance technical skills which will be useful to attracting a job in the drone industry.

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