European GNSS agency announces 30 projects shortlisted for #MyGalileoDrone competition

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has announced the 30 shortlisted projects down-selected in the first phase of the #MyGalileoDrone competition. The shortlist was chosen based on each project’s level of innovation, market potential, technical feasibility and the extent to which they leverage Galileo, says GSA. The #MyGalileoDrone competition is a vehicle for boosting GNSS-based innovative applications, create new business opportunities for EU industry, with focus on SMEs and start-ups, t and ensuring Galileo uptake in the UAV market contributes to the achievement  of the European Commission’s priorities in terms of growth, innovation and sustainability.

The 30 selected projects will now have two months to work on the development of their application and service, and send a demo version to show the progress and Galileo use. A maximum of 10 teams will proceed to the next stage of the competition.

GSA reports 190 submissions, 346 registered teams and 470 registered applicants the first evaluation phase of the #MyGalileoDrone competition, which it describes as an interesting journey into Europe’s creativity and innovation capital, as well as a testimony of the potential of this market for EU economy. The 30 shortlisted projects were selected based on their level of innovation, market potential, technical feasibility and the extent to which they leverage Galileo. The projects are targeting applications in all market segments, and integrate Galileo in all the service components, from the drone flying platform itself, to other payload as well as enabler for U-Space services.

To discover the 30 projects, click on the following 4 priority areas:

  • Drones for European Green Deal

  • Drones for European Digital Strategy

  • Drones for Resilience and European Recovery

  • Drones to Promote our European way of Life

GSA manages Europe’s GNSS programme, EGNOS and Galileo.

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