India ShopX collaborate with Omnipresent after receiving Government approval to begin BVLOS drone de

A recent change in Indian Government BVLOS regulations may shortly allow the populace to order food from a favourite restaurant up to 30 km away and then have it delivered to their home via a drone in 30 minutes, reports Other drone deliveries across India could also include general online and shop purchases as well as medicine and blood in cases of emergency.

Major retailer, ShopX, has created an innovative Drone Airtrain concept for delivery across Indian B2B value chains. This allows small retailers to pick drone delivery as an option to gain a wide range of products delivered to them between 30 and 60 minutes. Currently, such stores are limited by what they can hold on their limited shelf space from conventional supply chains which typically fulfil their needs just once a week. With AirTrain, they can access products, quickly and swiftly,