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Industry urgently needs to address missing regulatory framework for UAM

It is understandable that much of the current focus on certifying urban air mobility operations is directed towards the engineering challenges faced by vehicle manufacturers in their efforts to meet the safety requirements laid down by regulators. But there is no clear indication yet of the system-of-systems regulatory standards that will be needed to cover traffic management, maintenance, vertiports, licences, supplemental and essential safety data suppliers – or the back-up system requirements - which will be vital for the overall safety certification of the mission.

The vehicle is just one cog in the system. It is still not clear who will be operating the vehicles – manufacturers or operators? If operators, how should they be licensed to ensure they have the appropriate skills and financial resources to provide a service which meets the needs of the market and the regulators?

There are roadmaps and standards plans to cover some of these mission requirements but the time is now for industry to take the initiative and develop an industry-wide expert group to agree on the timetable and even the agenda of regulatory approvals which will be needed to ensure UAM operations can be flown within a regulatory framework which is as robust as that which underpins the commercial aviation sector. CIVATAglobal would be very happy to host such a body.

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