Israel’s Colugo plans to build two-seat “wind-proof” hybrid-electric air taxi

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Colugo Systems is developing a two-passenger hybrid-electric “wind proof ” VTOL aircraft, with a full dome shaped canopy for excellent views, wings for a longer range and skid type landing gear

Based on the design of its UAV range the new aircraft is suitable for full autonomous operations, with an endurance of 90 minutes.

The aircraft will have nine propellers: eight for vertical lift and one for forward flight.

Amit Regev, the company’s CEO, told Urban Air Mobility News that the new VTOL platform will have “loose wings” that change their angle according to the velocity of the wind. “We want to offer the market the first wind-proof VTOL platforms and we think that we have the solution,” he said.

The company is now trying to raise the needed funds to be able to build a prototype.

Colugo manufactures many different types of drones, operated by Israeli defence and police forces.

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