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January 27th important date for drone diary: FREE webinar “Shaping Mobility 2021”

On January 27th, a panel of leading UAM experts will be discussing 13 different topics from ‘Last-mile delivery: the race to satisfy consumers’, ‘Flying high: Urban air mobility takes off’ to ‘Women and mobility: Should transport be different?’ and ‘Logistics after Covid-19: What will change?’

The worldwide time the Webinar begins is 10am (New York), 3pm (London), 4pm (Berlin) and 7pm (Dubai). The organisers write, “The decades’ old dream of flying within cities seems to be gathering pace. With recent developments in technology and infrastructure, it looks as within a few years, flying will become an everyday activity.“

And continues, “In this free webinar, air mobility experts discuss the opportunities and challenges of this new mode of mobility, and what cities can do to embrace it.“

The Webinar Schedule

The panellists are: Ralph Frisch (Volocopter), Philip Butterworth-Hayes (Civic Air Transport Association), Jessie Moobery (Flight Safety Foundation), Felix Toepsch (Fraport AG) and Christian U. Haas (PTV Group). Haas will also moderate the discussions.

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