New technology may end drone disruption at European airports

Drone disruptions have become notorious at a number of European airports during the last few years, causing chaos and thousands of cancelled flights. New technology may assist in detecting them early and preventing such interruptions, reports The anti-drone technology could be a game-changer, allowing for seamless operations even with rogue drones around.

DroneShield, an Australian company, has created a system known as DroneSenteniel which can detect incoming rogues from as far away as 8 kms. The system allows airports to track these drones and take action before they enter airport airspace via a form of geo-fencing. This geofence allows drones to be tracked within the vicinity of the airport and reports their exact location on a satellite map.

The first major case of such a disruption came in 2018 at London’s Gatwick Airport. The airport had to shut down intermittently for three days after suspected drones were spotted near th