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Siemens Aerospace and Defense team host urban air mobility podcast series.

In case you missed it, Siemens will be hosting an entire series of podcasts

Dale Tutt explained that "as the digital transformation takes hold throughout the A&D industry, we’re experiencing innovation on a scale never seen before.

One area that’s showing great promise is urban air mobility (UAM). We are seeing numerous start-ups in this area as well as the more established names entering the fray. Essentially, what we’re talking about here are the many permutations of the electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle.

With so much going on in urban air mobility, the Siemens Aerospace and Defense team has devoted an entire podcast series to innovation as it relates to the design and development of eVTOL vehicles."

The new series is called – “Driving Innovation through Digital Transformation.”

The first episode is available now at:

“Up, Up and Away – eVTOLs in the Age of Digital Transformation”

Future episodes will be as follows and they can be picked up at Talking Aerospace Today

Episode 2 – “eVTOL Aerodynamic Design through Digitalization”

By Durrell Rittenberg

Episode 3 – “eVTOL Power Density and Thermal Management” By Thierry Olbrechts

Episode 4 – “eVTOL Structural Design using Composites and Additive Manufacturing” By John O’Connor

Episode 5 – “eVTOL Electrical System Design and Compliance” By Anthony Nicoli

Source: Siemens

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