Solita and Unifly join forces to secure and advance international drone airspace

Solita, a data-driven digital transformation and business design company and UTM company Unifly,  have announced a partnership, reports By joining forces, the companies are able to combine data for operational use and UTM technologies, to further streamline the safe integration of drones into the airspace and support operators and enterprises to advance the employment of unmanned craft.

“Future drone services are built on top of data fusion with a user centric approach,” explained Solita Director Mikko Varjos. “Collaboration with Unifly creates great opportunities to provide unique data and analytics services for U-space customers.”

Ronni Winkler Østergaard, MD of Unifly’s Danish branch, added ,“I am excited about this collaboration with Solita, as it opens up many opportunities to bring value to existing and new customers in the area of digitalisation and facilitate more advanced use of drones for all stakeholders.”

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