SqwaQ demonstrates BVLOS UAS flight capabilities for controlled airspace

SqwaQ, a leader in communications technology for robotics, autonomy and aviation, announced this week that it has successfully demonstrated its patented airborne LTE drone communications technology for multiple partners, reports UASweekly.com.

The technology enables drones, helicopters, air taxis and other connected aircraft to share the same airspace rather than being segregated. This eliminates the need for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) restrictions and resolves other obstacles that have been delaying wide-scale, routine UAS integration into the airspace. SqwaQ enables safe, unconfined integration into controlled airspace while also resolving Remote Aircraft ID, Pilot Credential Verification, Flight Path Management and other challenges that have limited UAS operations.

Easily integrated into commercial UAS, the SqwaQboard is a compact, 3”x6”x1” communication module weighing only 270 grams that aggregates six 3G/4G LTE connections into one, multi-redundant data pipe to broadcast four pilot view and downward cameras or sensors simultaneously, plus multi-re