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The ICAO Drone Enable '21 symposium highlights the importance of community engagement

The symposium taking place between April 13 and 21 (the longest aviation webinar event so far?) is putting the spotlight on the public’s acceptance of #drones as being a key enabler, if not the key enabler, for the industry.

According to Gary Newman, Aviation Safety Inspector for the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). “One person’s perception can be a game-breaker for systems and implementations and there is a disparity between public and industry perceptions.” The industry needs credible data including statistical data, analysis, cost benefit assessment, an appropriate regulatory framework and a roadmap, he told delegates.

Very important messaging – and a tacit recognition that the drone and airtaxi industries are not two separate sectors but linked by technology, regulations, standards and community acceptance.

Don't miss our next webinar on APRIL 21.

"Creating an urban drone/UAM system"


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