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Which States Are Prepared for the Drone Industry?

An insightful and fascinating report published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in the USA posed the question "Which States Are Prepared for theDrone Industry?"

It's a question that authorities all around the world should be asking themselves . As the report suggests, it is the readiness (or otherwise) of the authorities that will dictate which states will be among the first adopters.

This is something that CIVATAglobal identified too and was established to work with and help authorities worldwide, to understand and prepare for the revolution in urban air mobility, that will happen this decade.

One key takeaway from the report was that "The early bird gets the worm: States that move quickly to adopt a suitable institutional framework to operate drone highways will get the most benefits from the drone economy."

It's a reminder to autorities, repsonsibles for regions, cities, local urban and rural communities worldwide that preparedness is something that needs to start now

To download the full report please click below.

• 518KB

Source: Mercatus Center at Geroge Mason University

Authors:Brent Skorup and Connor Haaland

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