Workhorse stock soars as combining EV vans with delivery drones viewed as the future

U.S., Ohio-based electric-truck maker, Workhorse, has started delivering its new all-electric C1000 delivery vans this month. The 1000 stands for 1,000 cubic feet, which makes the vehicles about the size of a United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery van, reports But there is a twist to this new van as it comes with an added extra – the use of autonomous drones to deliver packages to businesses and households for that last mile. Because apart from the financial savings of using electric vehicles as well as helping the environment, the deployment of drones can decrease those costs even further.

The van’s robotic buddy is a Horsefly. That is the name of Workhorse’s autonomous four-rotor drone. The craft pushes down costs by letting the driver make multiple deliveries at once. “It’s like another delivery person,” says Workhorse CEO, Duane Hughes,  who explains it can cost a logistics company up to USD1 to deliver a package and po